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Executive function program

If you’re reading this, you’ve been looking for ways to help your child, teen, or young adult develop better practices, routines, & habits without improvement. SMARTSTEPS is our unique, experiential, and project-based program that provides a new lens on what executive functioning is and provides actionable steps to make it work in an individual’s life.

Other approaches: What's missing

To understand what sets SMARTSTEPS apart, understand the current approaches.

Many coaching programs focus on:

  • Academic results (test scores & grades)

  • Standardized programming with minimal variation

  • Mostly virtual meetings to check-in

  • The "visible" causes rather than the more complex reasons for executive function challenges (****)


The reality is, executive function is a lifelong set of skills that varies greatly for each person and requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Why we’re different

Our Expertise

SMARTSTEPS was created by a clinical psychologist and occupational therapist using evidence-based approaches.

Our Skill-Building Approach

We know that we learn best when we enjoy what we’re doing. We also know that the same skills used to plan, coordinate, and complete a creative project are the same skills we use for studying and other task completion. We work with individuals to create a program based on their strengths and interests to create skill-building opportunities that best suit them.

In-Person, Experiential Learning

We view SmartSteps as a building block process. Instead of providing your child a "prescribed" plan, we create a working framework around a project that your child will help lead. This allows our team to be alongside them throughout the process. 

A crucial piece of executive function skills is knowing what works for you - that often means trial and error. Unlike a more rigid structure they may be used to in the classroom, your child will be encouraged to test out different methods and problem-solve.

One-on-One & Group Work

Our two-part approach addresses the skills that are group-based while still emphasizing individual skill-building.

Group sessions:

* Help address social anxiety

* Provide experience in group-based tasks, so they can practice collaboration & communication


One-on-one sessions:

* Identify & track individual goals, obstacles, & needs.

* Participant selects their own project to work on

Program Format

(10 week session)

Free Consultation


We start with a 15-minute phone consultation to identify if our program is the right fit for you, answering any & all questions.


Initial Assessment

An initial 60-minute meeting includes getting to know the participant, answering more questions, & completing brief objective assessments.


Program Start

Participant involvement

One-on-one weekly meetings: Participant meets individually with a clinician to assess needs, identify goals, identify interests, and practice skills.


Weekly 90-minute group: Participants work with similarly-aged peers in a small group to practice life skills. This is project-based & experiential to mirror everyday life.

Caregiver involvement

Two webinars are included in the program:

“Intro to Executive Function”

- “Executive Function in Practice”

*At end of program - Caregiver meeting: review experience provide customized manual w/ successful interventions for your child create a working plan for future steps

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