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Therapy Offerings
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Individual & Family Counseling

Individual & Family Counseling

Individual & Couples Counseling

Why Therapy?

The world is constantly changing around us, forcing us to adapt to a new normal. This can be an overwhelming and scary process to navigate. We find that many people reaching out to us are seeking clarification and/or connection for themselves, with others, or with the world. It’s not that you can’t do it on your own - instead, we’re here to do it with you, providing you with a safe and supportive space to express yourself.

Parent and child strong

What can therapy do for you and your family?

Get Clarity

Eliminate chaos, simplify, and get aligned with what matters most to you.

Feel Connected

Build a relationship with your therapist, yourself, and others.

Reclaim Confidence

Empower yourself in facing obstacles and challenges.

Commonly-Treated Difficulties


Emotional dysregulation




Low self-esteem

Relationship difficulties


Debunking the Myths

Isn't therapy only for kids with serious problems?

Therapy isn't just about a diagnosis - we work with kids and their families to help address acute concerns, develop skills, and learn coping strategies to handle future challenges. Therapy can also serve as a way to help kids navigate peer relationships, self-esteem issues, and other common stressors.

I'm not "crazy" enough to need therapy, my life's not that bad!

Regardless of where you are in life, you can't always fix things on your own. Even if things aren't "that bad", have you ever considered how much better life could be?

I don't need a therapist, I can just talk to my friends about my problems!

While friends can provide support in times of need, sometimes we need an objective, judgment-free perspective. Finding that safe space with a therapist allows us to work through the necessary issues so we can take pressure off our personal relationships and enjoy our friendships for what they are.

Therapy's too expensive.

Financial concerns are an important consideration when making any decision. However, therapy is not simply an expense - it's an investment in you and your family's emotional health. It's also important to look at the different price points for services and offerings. If individual therapy is out of your price range, stay updated on our group offerings and free resources on our Facebook page!

I feel uncomfortable sharing personal information with a stranger!

Therapy can challenge us in many ways - if it were easy to open up and be vulnerable, you would have figured it out already! This is what pushes us to work on building trust in a safe, judgement-free environment. There's no better way to practice!

Does therapy have to be long-term?

If your concern is the length of time you or your child is in therapy, that's something to talk to your therapist about. Together, you can work to create treatment goals and make therapy a collaborative process. By deciding on these milestones, you can make the progress you need to within the timeframe that is best for you or your child's emotional health.

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