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Professional Services

  • Summer camp counselor training
  • School staff training & support
  • Community workshops & presentations
  • Consultation
  • Employee trainings (corporate or small business)


We design a training curriculum based on your organization's needs and goals.

Training topics may include:

  • Mental Health 101

  • Strategies to deal with anxiety and depression

  • Suicide prevention

  • Unhealthy vs healthy coping

  • De-escalation Skills

  • How to avoid burnout for your staff

  • Dealing with stress and emotional health

  • Group dynamics: know the group & their roles

  • Age development & understanding healthy mental health development


GHW works with your team to give insight into obstacles and advise on solutions that move your team forward.

Consultations may include:

  • Creating a working action plan

  • Reviewing current policies & procedures to better address employee wellness & mental health

  • Improving workplace culture and efficiency using social and emotional skills

  • Meeting with additional team members to discuss challenges as they arise

Direct Programming

We provide on-site and virtual offerings that educate and provide support for those you serve.

Direct programming may include:

  • Parent workshops/presentations for schools

  • Small groups to work with campers on social skills and emotional regulation throughout the camp season

  • Team meetings and parent workshops for youth sports leagues

  • Wellness fairs and workshops for small & large businesses

Our clients say

After working with GHW, we saw positive changes to staffing and were better able to hire the right fit moving forward. Our supervisors and leadership were more prepared to identify problems and address them right away to prevent problems from impacting the clients, company and profit.”

Deanne Anderson, Creative Development LLC

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