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Individual & Family Psychotherapy for Kids

Individual & Family Psychotherapy for Teens

Individual Psychotherapy for Adults

Commonly-Treated Difficulties


Emotional dysregulation




Low self-esteem

Relationship difficulties


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Group Programming

In addition to our individual & family psychotherapy, we offer group therapy to address specific topics and goals for all age groups.

Learn more below about our upcoming offerings and check out our Facebook page to stay updated on future programming!


PLEASE NOTE: GHW does not participate directly with any insurance companies (except Medicaid). However, depending on your out-of-network benefits, we can provide you with a "superbill" (a receipt of service) with diagnostic and treatment codes to submit for out-of-network reimbursement. To learn more about out-of-network provider reimbursement, contact your insurance company directly to inquire about benefits and reimbursement rates (CPT group code: 90853). GHW does NOT submit claims or contact insurance on behalf of out-of-network clients.

HUSKY CLIENTS (Medicaid): Coverage for groups is dependent on the group format, however, most group sessions can be covered by Husky. Please call our office for additional info.

Smartsteps Summer Program
July 31-August 3, August 7-9, August 14-15

Join our unique, experiential, and project-based program to assist teens and young adults with executive functioning challenges! Co-run with Creative Development's occupational therapy team, we help participants as they develop more self-awareness and skill development for their daily life - whether that's in their daily routines, independence, mood regulation). We also have a bonus 3 (1-hour) virtual caregiver support/education sessions to help you learn how to support your teen!

Middle & High School Groups (Grades 7-12)

Dates: July 31 - August 3, August 7-9, August 14-15 (9 sessions, 3 hours each)

Where: 110 Hopmeadow St, Weatogue (Creative Development building) or 40 Avon Meadow Lane, Avon (GHW)

For additional information, use the QR code below:

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Back-to-School Prep
August 2023

Do you get nervous about the thought of starting the upcoming school year? Feeling unsure how to navigate friendships? If you're looking for a supportive place to talk about the unique issues of going back to school with same-age peers who can relate, we can help!

High School Group
(Grades 9-12)

Participants will learn more about self-advocacy, communication, and decision-making. There will be a focus on conflict-resolution, navigating social and academic relationships, as well as handling common stressors.

Middle School Group
(Grades 6-8)

Participants will learn more about confidence-building, with an emphasis on decision-making and communication skills. There will be a focus on conflict-resolution, as well as navigating social and academic relationships.

Elementary Group
(Grades 2-5)

Participants will learn about creating and maintaining routines, as well as foundational social skills. There will be a focus on strategies regarding self-awareness, active listening, and coping with separation anxiety.

Interested in learning more about our upcoming groups?

Call us at (860) 878-2028 or email for additional information!

Past Events

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Rising Strong

One day intensive workshop with Kathleen Wawrzyniak Webb, PsyD, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator


Learning Objectives


Reckoning: Recognize your emotions. Learn how emotions relate to your thoughts and behavior.

Rumble: Write YOUR story of struggle and challenge yourself toward wholehearted living. 

Revolution: Practice rising strong by writing a new ending that includes courage and being your true self.


Daring Way Workshops 

The Daring Way™ is experiential-based curricula developed by the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Her ground-breaking research has changed what we understand about shame, vulnerability, worthiness, and courage. 


Workshop participants will learn about how feelings, thoughts, and experiences connect to how we see ourselves and function in the world.  The workshop experience is a safe space to explore how to be vulnerable, build shame resilience skills, and seek wholehearted, authentic choices.  Participants will leave these workshops with helpful skills to practice in daily life. 


Dr. Kathleen W. Webb is a Certified Facilitator of the Daring Way™ and is passionate about guiding individuals to understand themselves and make choices that lead to healthier, more fulfilling lives. Dr. Webb often integrates the Daring Way™ concepts into individual psychotherapy work with clients. In addition, Dr. Webb has also supported groups and organizations using these curricula. 


To learn more about The Daring Way™:


Brené Brown’s description of her research and corresponding workshop content: 


The Gifts of Imperfection- Be you.

The Daring Way- Be all in.

Rising Strong- Fall. Get up. Try again


Released fall 2021: Atlas of the Heart

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