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Individual & Family Psychotherapy for Kids

Individual & Family Psychotherapy for Teens

Individual Psychotherapy for Adults

Commonly-Treated Difficulties


Emotional dysregulation




Low self-esteem

Relationship difficulties


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Group Programming

In addition to our individual & family psychotherapy, we offer group therapy to address specific topics and goals for all age groups.

Learn more below about our upcoming offerings and check out our Facebook page to stay updated on future programming!

Parent Support Group
Tuesdays, February 7th - February 28th

Are you looking for ways to support your teen with anxiety? This upcoming group will offer a supportive, educational space to help parents better understand their child's needs during this developmental stage.

Parents of Teens Group (Ages 12-17)

Date/Time: Tuesdays from 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (2/7, 2/14, 2/21, 2/28)

Where: 40 Avon Meadow Lane (Suite 201) in Avon

Registration fee: $240
*registration fee includes all 4 sessions (no partial payments accepted)

Deadline to register is Tuesday, January 31

In this 4-week psychoeducational group, we'll focus on:

  • How to manage your own stress as you help your child navigate adolescence

  • How to help your teen with feeling and tolerating their emotions

  • Initiating difficult conversations while developing trust

  • How to address the impact of social media on your teen's anxiety

Parent support group

Social Skills 101
Tuesdays, March 7th - March 28th

Is your elementary-aged child struggling with social skills? Are you looking to find a space for them to learn how to better communicate and connect with others? We can help!

Elementary Group (Grades 2-4)

Date/Time: Tuesdays from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28)

Where: 40 Avon Meadow Lane (Suite 201) in Avon

Registration fee: $240
*registration fee includes all 4 sessions (no partial payments accepted)

Deadline to register is Tuesday, February 28

In this 4-week skills group, we'll focus on:

  • Making and maintaining friendships

  • Learning to identify and express feelings

  • Identifying and using coping strategies & problem-solving skills in social situations

Past Events

RisingStrong_LogoBasedOn (1).jpg

Rising Strong

One day intensive workshop with Kathleen Wawrzyniak Webb, PsyD, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator


Learning Objectives


Reckoning: Recognize your emotions. Learn how emotions relate to your thoughts and behavior.

Rumble: Write YOUR story of struggle and challenge yourself toward wholehearted living. 

Revolution: Practice rising strong by writing a new ending that includes courage and being your true self.


Daring Way Workshops 

The Daring Way™ is experiential-based curricula developed by the research of Dr. Brené Brown. Her ground-breaking research has changed what we understand about shame, vulnerability, worthiness, and courage. 


Workshop participants will learn about how feelings, thoughts, and experiences connect to how we see ourselves and function in the world.  The workshop experience is a safe space to explore how to be vulnerable, build shame resilience skills, and seek wholehearted, authentic choices.  Participants will leave these workshops with helpful skills to practice in daily life. 


Dr. Kathleen W. Webb is a Certified Facilitator of the Daring Way™ and is passionate about guiding individuals to understand themselves and make choices that lead to healthier, more fulfilling lives. Dr. Webb often integrates the Daring Way™ concepts into individual psychotherapy work with clients. In addition, Dr. Webb has also supported groups and organizations using these curricula. 


To learn more about The Daring Way™:


Brené Brown’s description of her research and corresponding workshop content: 


The Gifts of Imperfection- Be you.

The Daring Way- Be all in.

Rising Strong- Fall. Get up. Try again


Released fall 2021: Atlas of the Heart

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