What To Expect


  • When you call to schedule your or your child’s first visit, Ingrid, the office manager will ask you several questions about your reasons for seeking therapy, your insurance, and your availability.
  • Ingrid will relay this information to Greater Hartford Wellness’ clinicians who will determine, based on current caseloads, goodness of fit.
  • After goodness of fit has been determined, Ingrid will schedule your initial appointment during one of the open slots Greater Hartford Wellness has available for new clients. Your initial appointment may be different from future regularly scheduled visits.


  • Please complete the intake paperwork that is emailed to you. If you cannot access the file or have trouble printing, this paperwork will be available in the waiting room. Please arrive early if you need to complete the paperwork.
  • Review our confidentiality practices: HIPAA Practices
  • Please bring with you any behavioral health records or reports if you have them.


  • 60 minutes for assessment and discussion about what brings you to treatment.
  • You will be asked a number of questions; your questions are welcomed at this time.
  • This meeting determines if your clinician is someone you can trust and can see yourself working with.

Having a good fit between you and your clinician is essential to establishing a trusting relationship.


  • If you feel you and your clinician are a good match, we can schedule regular appointments.
  • As best practice, releases of information are requested from your other health care providers to coordinate care and provide the best care possible.


  • Typically 45 minutes.
  • Frequency is based on a multitude of factors that are discussed at the initial meeting.


If you choose to, you may fill out intake paperwork in advance of your appointment by clicking on the appropriate link in the initial email sent to you from Simple Practice, our medical record management software. The forms are fill-able PDFs so you will need a form reader installed on your computer to download and a printer to print the forms when they are complete. Please bring them to your first appointment.

Forms will be made available at the first visit if you have trouble filling them out or printing.


Prior to scheduling your first appointment, check with your insurance company about your psychotherapy benefits. Please bring your insurance card to your first visit. If you have co-pays, co-insurance or are paying out of pocket, we ask that you be prepared to pay at time of service. We are happy to help you if you have any questions about our process.


Initial Consultation: $150-$200

Follow-Up Visits: $125-$160

Accepted payment types: Cash, check or credit card.



  1. Contact your insurance company to find out what your “Out of Network” benefits are for “outpatient psychotherapy.”  
  2. Pay for sessions in full at time of session. You can pay by check, cash or credit card. Many clients use their Health Savings Account if they have one.
  3. After you receive the medical claim form by mail, you must mail the form to your insurance company (address will be in the top right corner of form).  Mail the form in as soon as you receive it for processing; the sooner they receive it, the sooner you will get reimbursed based on your benefits.


  1. Once we obtain your insurance information, our billing provider, Kim Shepard, will contact the insurance company about these benefits. Please note we are not always able to access this information. 
  2. We will generate a monthly medical claim form for the dates of service; we will mail this to you. 
  3. We are here for any questions you might have about the insurance benefit and process. 


  1. Once the insurance company receives the medical claim form, they will process it and provide you with “Explanation of Benefits (EOB).”
  2. Once the out of network deductible is met, the insurance company will send you a check to reimburse for payment of services. Please note: GHW does not receive payments from the insurance company.