• When you call to schedule your or your child’s first visit, Ingrid, the office manager will ask you several questions about what is going on, your insurance, your availability, and what location you prefer.
  • Ingrid will relay this information to Dr. Webb who will determine, based on her current caseload, if she feels she and you would be a good fit.
  • After goodness of fit has been determined, Ingrid will schedule your initial appointment during one of the slots Dr. Webb has dedicated to new clients. Currently, those times are: Tuesdays at 9am (West Hartford), Fridays at 1pm (West Hartford), and occasionally on Thursdays at 1pm (Avon).



  • Please complete the intake paperwork that is emailed to you. If you cannot access the file or have trouble printing, this paperwork will be available in the waiting room. Please arrive early if you need to complete the paperwork.
  • Please bring with you any behavioral health records or reports if you have them.



  • 60 minutes for assessment and discussion about what brings you to treatment.
  • You will be asked a number of questions; your questions are welcomed at this time.
  • This meeting determines if Dr. Webb is someone you can trust and you can see yourself working with.


Having a good fit between you and Dr. Webb is essential to establishing a trusting relationship.



  • If you feel you and Dr. Webb are a good match, we can schedule regular appointments.
  • As best practice, releases of information are requested from your other providers to coordinate care and provide the best care possible.



  • Typically 45 minutes.
  • Frequency is based on a multitude of factors that are discussed at the initial meeting.