The Highlands Ability Battery

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is a unique assessment that considers the whole person. Unlike other common personality, interest, and career assessments, this is an objective, performance-based test that connects interests and abilities with other aspects of your life. The HAB distinguishes a person’s natural abilities from those that we learn through school and life experiences. Understanding our natural abilities from a young age is invaluable for the rest of your life because they do not change regardless of our age.


The HAB provides information about the following:

  • Communication style: explains settings and modes of communication best suited for an individual.
  • Learning style: describes how a person learns best, including insight into most effective study skills
  • Problem solving/decision making: explains the method and ideal environment for making decisions.
  • Work/Classroom environment: describes the optimal work environment to be productive and thrive.
  • Career Exploration Supplement: combines abilities to make suggestions for areas of study and career paths.

The HAB is a relatively easy test to take. It is web-based, so you can take it in your preferred surroundings. Test results are extensive, informative, and can be applied throughout an individual’s lifespan.   After you complete the test, you will have a feedback session to learn about your results and how the information can meet your current needs. As someone who has taken this test, it is an invaluable resource that connects what you already know about yourself with possibilities for ongoing development.

You can check out the HAB on their website at or watch the videos below for more information. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

This video describes individuals’ experiences from taking the HAB.

This video provides more specific information about the test results and Career Exploration Supplement.