Nervous Nellies (Ages 6-9)

Led by Bethany Ferreira, LPC

Saturday Mornings, 10-11 a.m. 

8 sessions

Do you ever wonder if your child’s behavior is the result of excess worry?

Is your child often moody, irritable, clingy or restless?

Is your child struggling at school… with peers… or at home?

All too often poor behavior in children is simply labeled as defiant or “bad.” What if we looked to help understand the behavior and your child’s motivation behind the behavior? This group provides children and parents with an understanding of anxiety, how the mind and body are connected and constructive ways to help cope with worry. Parent participation is required for the first, mid and last sessions to ensure strategies are carried over from group to home.

Fee is $40 per session. Husky and Aetna insurance accepted.

** Intake required prior to group acceptance.

Worry Warriors  (Ages 14-18)

Led by Dr. Kathleen Wawrzyniak Webb, PsyD

Wednesday Nights 6-7 p.m.  

8 sessions

Do you ever feel like your adolescent daughter worries more than typical teenagers?

Has the stress impaired functioning at school… her relationships… recreational activities?

Do you wish she could gain coping skills to help decrease the stress?

Today’s adolescent girls have so many challenges and finding ways to cope can feel impossible. This group provides a safe space for female teens to share common stressors and find ways to manage struggles more effectively. Special focus will be placed on mindfulness practices, thought changing techniques and the mind-body connection.

Fee is $40 per session. Husky and Aetna insurance accepted.

** Intake required prior to group acceptance.


Coming soon!

Individual & Family Psychotherapy

Give us a call to discuss your interest in therapy. You can read about our approach and treatment models used in our therapeutic work under About – Our Approach. 

 The Daring Way Experience 

Kathleen Wawrzyniak Webb, PsyD

Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8pm

$320 for 8 sessions

We are often stuck on auto-pilot going through our days feelings disconnected and unsatisfied. This group helps us get clear about what we stand for and how we keep ourselves from living a whole-hearted, authentic life. We will learn what it means to be vulnerable and how to use vulnerability to connect with self and others in a healthy, meaningful way. We will identify and the barriers that keep us from being our authentic self. Show up. Be seen. Live Brave™

Individual & Family Psychotherapy

Kathleen Wawrzyniak Webb, PsyD & Bethany Ferreira, LPC

Give us a call to discuss your interest in therapy. You can read about our approach and treatment models used in our therapeutic work under About – Our Approach.

Past Events

Where am I, How did I get here and Where am I going?” Workshop at West Hartford Yoga

Presented by DJ Horn, Kathleen Webb and WHY’s Sharon Smith

Saturday, 10/13/18 


This movement and meditation practice will weave an explorative journey into self as we examine our beliefs, values and choices that impact our present life. Through interactive and movement based / experiential exercises, we explore:

• HOW and what choices, behaviors and other factors created our WHERE WE ARE lifestyle.

• We will reflect on its congruence with our values.

• We will identify forces that distract us from our priorities and unhealthy coping.

Let’s learn how to live authentically and mindfully to create WHERE we are going. Come join this interactive yoga workshop to open your eyes into more meaningful living!

Course will include a combination of yoga and movement and dyad/group sharing. This course is appropriate for all adults. Yoga and movement will be appropriate for all levels and can easily be modified to address needs and concerns.

*Go to to register

Walk with a Doc

Inspired by a internationally recognized non-profit organization, GHW created a chapter of WWAD in 2017 to create a resource in the community for learning, joining with neighbors, and encouraging physical movement.  WWAD events are free and open to all. Each walk starts with a brief presentation by a local provider about a health topic.  Following the presentation, the group goes for a walk for informal conversation and connection.  All ages and abilities welcome.

The Highlands Ability Battery (learn morehab

  • Adolescents: High school and college-aged individuals learn more about their optimal higher education environment and options for future career paths based on natural abilities. Administered in individual and group modalities.
  • Adults: Individuals of any age can learn more about their natural abilities when considering a career change, seeking answers about self, or feeling bored or unsatisfied with their current work life.