Getting to Know Our Staff – Bethany

We thought it would be fun to gain a little insight about our staff by asking everyone the same set of questions. First up in the hot seat, the newest member of our practice, Bethany Ferreira. For her complete bio, visit our “About” section here. Now, on to the questions and answers!

What is your favorite local restaurant and what meal do you enjoy when there?

I love going to dinner in Litchfield, especially in the summer. There is something really quaint about the green and the small shops in the center of town. My favorite spot in Litchfield is The Village. It has historic charm and a great sense of community. We often change up our dinner choices but always have the spiedini as an appetizer.

Who inspires you?

My husband’s Grandmother is the most delightful person I know. We lovingly refer to her as Goldie and she literally lights up every place she goes. Her smile is infectious.  I adore her kind soul, but I admire her ability to see the good in everything. She holds so much gratitude even in the heaviest circumstance. I hope that I am able move through life with her grace.

What’s rocking your world right now?

It’s somewhat cheesy but I am obsessed with a home renovation show called Fixer Upper. It’s the mix of beautiful renovations, their cute family, and the goats that has me hooked.

How do you use the information that you learned in your favorite class in your life today?

I took an intensive course in forensic interviewing a few years back and find myself using tools from the interview process all the time. By keeping questions open and fluid we can gather so much information and insight in our everyday interactions.

Name one person who is always cheering you on?

I am blessed with a husband that has always been my number one fan. We work hard to encourage and support one another.

What is your favorite meal to cook?

I love making soup. My favorite is probably minestrone, but I also make a mean chicken noodle and Italian wedding.

What is one thing that you love to do that you do almost every day?

We have a dance party almost every day at home. My boys love music and I love to get silly with them and dance around the house.  I am a terrible dancer but love spending the time connecting with them.

What is your favorite day trip?

I love being outside and connecting with nature, so my favorite day trips involve anything that lets me be outdoors. I love finding new places to hike and picnic.

What are you struggling the most with right now?

Presence.  I work so hard to be present when I am home but with all the demands of parenting three young children sometimes I find myself making mental checklists when I should be focusing on them (and maybe our dance party).

What makes you amazing?

I always look for the good in situations and try to find some humor. I have found that keeping a positive mindset when challenges arise not only changes the way I feel but often has a ripple effect that can influence others around me.

What are you currently reading (or listening to)?

Dan Siegel just released a new book called The Yes Brain and I’ve been listening to it for last few days. I find the neuroscience behind children’s behavior fascinating and love following his work.