Building Community

All of us at Greater Hartford Wellness are committed to creating a sense of community in the Farmington Valley.  A common theme many of us feel is a sense of disconnect and lack of support.  There are many influences that have led to this disconnect, whether it is technology or busy schedules or the societal/world difficulties that surround us.  As part of our move to a larger space in Avon, GHW is thrilled to bring new and innovative programming to the community.  Our hope is that we can provide opportunities to learn, grow, and connect across all ages.  

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YOUR event at GHW

Our large multi-purpose room is available for events that align with Greater Hartford Wellness mission and values.  We are committed to increasing opportunities to grow and learn in mind, body, and spirit. Please review our Room Rental Request Form and contact us at 860.878.2028 to learn more about having your event at GHW.