What is health?

Allow me a moment to reminisce about an introductory public health class I took in grad school almost ten years ago. We examined this question in a comprehensive way. Is health merely the absence of illness? The presence of wellness? What about external factors that influence one’s health?

Ultimately, health is all of the above and more. Health is unique to every individual but there are recommendations that generally apply to most people. For example, there are countless studies about the benefits of exercise for physical and emotional health. However, the way in which one exercises is not a one-size-fits-all prescription.

At Greater Hartford Wellness, we value taking care of ourselves. All of our staff embrace eating well, physical activity, and mindfulness. We want to cultivate a culture of wellness that extends beyond traditional “diagnoses” and encompasses individual wellness from all angles.

As we grow, we want to encourage people to come to our center to promote their well-being. From a societal perspective, we are seeing more people embrace preventative wellness activities like meditation and mindfulness even if they haven’t been diagnosed by a medical professional. You definitely don’t need a diagnosis to take control of your health. Indeed, a diagnosis may be liberating for some, especially those who have been dealing with frustrating symptoms for a long time; but everyone with the desire to, can take steps towards improving their health. That’s why we started Walk with a Doc. Almost anyone can walk and walking might be one of the most underrated physical activities. We love it because it is simple and effective. Of course, everyone has their own exercise goals but if you are looking to start moving your body, we encourage you to join us. We believe together is better than alone.

Before we conclude, we want to remind you that we are not perfect. There are days when we don’t exercise, when we choose to eat junk food and when we forgo mindfulness. Our lives wouldn’t be balanced if we didn’t have the occasional “off” days. The important thing we remind ourselves is that these days are normal and we can hop on the health train the next day. Like us though, you may just find the more you incorporate these healthful living activities, the more you miss how great you feel when you do have an off day.

Remember, we are here for you. Let us know if you have any questions about our health practices and share what yours are in the comments!