Consciousness. The state of being conscious. The kids these days are using the word “woke” (did you just groan at me? I just groaned for using that word) to describe consciousness and, it’s not a wrong way to look at it. To keep it simple, let’s think of consciousness as being aware of one’s surroundings – external and internal. Often, consciousness is applied as a spiritual concept but in the context of our values, we mean to use it in a similar way to presence.

Consciousness is our commitment to everyone who comes into contact with us.

We strive to be active listeners, to be in the moment, to not be distracted.

We aim to recognize our own feelings and judgements and to not allow them to influence our interactions.

We endeavor to recognize the unique circumstances of each client and to speak with awareness of those circumstances.

This is our pledge. We are always working towards higher consciousness but we aren’t perfect so if you catch us in an “off” moment, please cut us some slack and give us a gentle nudge back towards being present with you.

Do you ever consider how conscious you are in your life?