As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Or in the case of this bizarre, extended winter we are experiencing, perhaps we should modify that to say April snow showers bring May flowers? No matter how slow or fast the weather evolves, spring is often a time of renewal and rebirth for many people after a winter of dormancy. Winter’s cold and dark days lend themselves to introspection, reflection, and inner work that leads to spring growth. This isn’t to say that personal growth is limited to the seasons. But, our human experiences frequently parallel nature’s cycles so it feels natural to begin or renew projects in the spring.


Just like flowers that only blossom every other year, we may not see evidence of our growth in the grand fashion of springtime blossoms or a child whose height sprouts overnight. But just because we do not see it, doesn’t mean we can’t feel it or that it’s not happening. Growth is a process and at Greater Hartford Wellness (GHW), we value and support where you are in your process. The funny thing about growth is that our learning includes periods of stagnation, steps backwards and frustration. On the flip side, growth also includes moments of clarity, epiphanies and giant leaps forward.


Have you heard the expression, “change is the only constant”? Fortunately, change and growth are synonymous, at least from an emotional, spiritual and cognitive development perspective (changing the paint colors on the wall doesn’t necessarily correspond to personal growth). It’s fair to say that all changes can lead to growth, depending on your perspective. When you think about change, how do you feel? Do you get excited about all the possibilities or does change intimidate, even frighten, you? We can learn, change and grow from all of our experiences, especially when our intentions are focused on growth.


At GHW, growth is very important. We enjoy and appreciate growth in our clients’ lives and internally, our business is focused on growth. We have intently been working on growth for the past couple of years and the seeds we planted are beginning to emerge this year. Shortly, you will see even more changes at GHW. In the meantime, please view our calendar to see suggestions on how you can foster growth in your life.