It is March and this month we are talking about simplicity.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci


What’s simplicity? The dictionary definition of simplicity is as follows: “the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded; lack of subtlety or penetration; freedom from pretense or guile; directness of expression.”


What does simplicity mean to us? At Greater Hartford Wellness (GHW), we think of simplicity as keeping things simple. To understand simplicity, consider it’s opposite state, which is complexity. Life can be demanding. Most of us wear multiple hats as parents, colleagues, caregivers, etc. All these responsibilities can overwhelm and complicate our lives just by the sheer number of things that need to get done. Simplicity requires clarity of thought, values, and goals. It’s about washing away the mud and dirt to get to a clean, clear and simple place.


Practicing simplicity

Easier said than done, there are some strategies we employ to keep our lives simple.

  1. As we have said before, saying “no” to activities, projects or people that don’t align with your values is helpful. It may take some hard work and self-reflection to be able to start saying “no,” but eventually you will find that saying “no” to the things that don’t serve you will allow you to say “yes” to the things that really matter to you. How does this add simplicity? You are decreasing the number of choices that you have to make. Answering the question, “does this align with my values or goals” requires only a simple yes or no response. If the answer is no, there aren’t any follow-up decisions to be made. A yes response means that whatever you’re asking about is important enough for you to make adjustments as necessary.
  2. Be brief. Can you say or write what you need to in a concise manner? This is about expressing yourself in a clear and direct way.
  3. Focus on one thing at a time and give it your full attention. This is one of our challenges at GHW. We often get sidetracked in our meetings because we have so many ideas that snowball. How do we stay on track? We are most productive when we have an agenda and set our intentions to focus on each item of the agenda before we talk about new items. If a new idea pops up during a meeting, we try to write it down and move discussion of it to the end of the meeting once everything else on the agenda is accomplished.


There you have it. Simplicity in a nutshell; getting back to basics.


To help you add simplicity to your life, we have our March 2018 calendar that has some other suggestions for implementing simplicity.