“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” Dalai Lama


What’s compassion?

Compassion is the expression of sympathy, with warmth and care, for the suffering of others. Being compassionate is another top value at Greater Hartford Wellness.


What does being compassionate mean to us?

We deeply care about our clients’ well-being as well as that of our community. Our efforts, from individual psychotherapy to Walk with a Doc, reflect our core value of compassion. Compassion is a value that is deeply ingrained into our consciousness’ and our behaviors. We would not have chosen to go into such a service-oriented field if compassion didn’t come naturally.


Practicing compassion & being compassionate

It is our hope that our clients can feel our compassion in every interaction. We view being compassionate as equal parts listening well and ensuring you feel heard as well as gently pushing you to take action. True compassion is not only about sympathizing with your suffering, but directing you on ways to ease that suffering in a respectful manner. While this may not feel compassionate to you in the moment, being compassionate is about guiding you to make the decisions that are in your best interests. Ultimately, we try to encourage self-compassion because when you’re kind to yourself, you reflect that kindness in your actions towards others. Compassion towards yourself is perhaps more challenging to put into practice than compassion towards others. However, serving others through altruistic acts can actually improve your ability to be self-compassionate. Research has demonstrated a link between volunteering and increased health and happiness so it’s not a far leap to assume volunteerism also increases compassion towards the others and self.


At GHW, compassion is within us and behind what we do. That’s why we look for feedback from our clients about what services could help them most. We would not be very compassionate if we did things that did served only our purposes instead of ours and our clients’.


Please view our February “Compassionate Calendar” to learn about ways to practice compassion. Click on the image above to make it bigger!