Walk Challenge Day 4

This week is flying by; hope it’s going as quickly for everyone else!

My walk was scheduled for this afternoon but because I knew I had a busy mid-day, I walked earlier than planned. That turned out to be a wise decision since I was doing chair massage for 2.5 hours – all that time spent on my feet and moving!

4 days into the challenge and I’m noticing the benefits of a daily walk. For one thing, I’m falling asleep faster. Also, I find myself more inclined to take time away from my computer or smartphone. I’m happy to report that other than taking those few photos for the Facebook page (usually at the start of the walk), I have focused on the beauty of my surroundings and not looked at my phone.

We’re halfway through the first week of the challenge. Has anyone been able to get into a rhythm yet? As I predicted for myself, my variable schedule has made it difficult for me to get into a steady rhythm, but I am getting the walks in and that’s what counts. The gorgeous streak of perfect weather has helped to keep me motivated.

Today’s tip: Switch up your walk route, even if that means going left out of your driveway instead of right. Maybe you’ll see something in a new light.